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The Best Marine boat Parts and Accessories (Home)

Bilge Submersible Water Pump

Bilge Submersible Water Pump 12V 24V 2000Gph Micro Marine Boat Seaplane Motor Homes Houseboat Aquario Filter Accessories

Marine Brass Port Hole

Marine Product – Marine Brass Port Hole/Window/Porthole – 6″ X 8″ Glass (5061)

Motor Boat Protection Cover

Motor Protection Cover, Professional Water Resistance Marine Accessories Cover, Outboard Motor Protection Cover, for Yacht Boat (20-30HP)

Go globe Boat Safety Kit

Go globe Boat Safety Kit includes all the minimum safety requirements for your personal watercraft. It is excellent for family activities boating, kayaking, sailing, rafting, fishing, or when protection from the environment is required.

Best Marine Engineering Books

Since its first appearance in 1950, Pounder’s Marine Diesel Engines has served seagoing engineers, students of the Certificates of Competency examinations and the marine engineering industry throughout the world.

This is an invaluable guide for professionals but equally covers the requirements for Class 4 and Class 3 Engineer’s Certificates of Competency, the first two years of the Engineer Cadet Training Scheme, and the Engineering Knowledge syllabus for the Master’s Certificate.

A Pocket Book of Marine Engineering: Questions and Answers. Accessibly written and clearly illustrated, A Pocket Book of Marine Engineering: Questions and Answerstakes into account the varying needs of students studying marine engineering, recognizing recent changes to the Merchant Navy syllabus.