Nalin Mehta wrote this book on Best Review on the New BJP in 2022. New BJP is the latest book on BJP, and the author has examined how BJP became the World’s Largest Political Party. He goes beyond the usual narrative of the party’s Hindutva politics to explain how it reshaped the Indian polity using its brand of social engineering. A lucid and objective study of the BJP and India today, this is a book that demands engagement and debate from every side of the political divide. This book doesn’tcontain any contents related to finance and economy education.

Best Review on The New BJP in 2022

World’s Largest Political Party

The New BJP: Modi and the Making of the World’s Largest Political Party: The Remaking of the World’s Largest Political Party

In election after election since 2014, both at the Union and state levels, the BJP has won more often than it has lost—a clear indication of growth beyond its core Hindu base. The question is, why do so many people across divisions of caste, religion and gender vote for a party with unapologetically aggressive Hindutva politics? Are its much-publicised development schemes, whatever their flaws, the big pull factor? Or the active mobilisation of the RSS cadre to its cause?

In this fascinating revisionist history, political scientist and journalist Nalin Mehta examines how the BJP became the world’s largest political party. He goes beyond the usual narrative of the party’s Hindutva politics to explain how, under Narendra Modi, it reshaped the Indian polity using its own brand of social engineering. This reconstruction was cleverly powered by new caste coalitions, the claim of a new welfare state that focused on marginalised social groups and the making of a women-voter base.

Based on data from three unique indices—the Mehta–Singh Social Index, which studies the caste composition of Indian political parties; the Narad Index, which calculates communication patterns across topics and audiences; and PollNiti, which connects and tallies hundreds of political and economic datasets—The New BJP is full of startling insights into the way both the party and the country function. Previously untapped historical records, exclusive interviews with party leaders and comprehensive reportage from across India provide a fresh understanding of the BJP’s growth areas, including the Northeast and south India.

A lucid and objective study of the BJP and India today, this is a book that demands engagement and debate from every side of the political divide.

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‘In my opinion, this is going to be a classic, a book that will be read widely and for a long time. Its readership will include scholars, political activists, and anyone whose job or interest lies in understanding contemporary India and the processes that have shaped it.’

Prof. Robin Jeffrey

‘The transformation of the BJP from a small player in the political scene to the premier, possibly new dominant formation in India has led to much comment but not as much quality scholarship as one might have expected. Mehta brings to this subject the keen energy of a journalist and observer with the patience of an archivist. His analysis has much that will excite, surprise and provoke critical thought even as it informs and gives a sense of perspective. … A book that will be indispensable for the study of contemporary India.’

Prof. Mahesh Rangarajan

‘Mehta’s masterful account of the evolution and rise of the BJP deftly weaves an enormous amount of material into an expansive and authoritative account of modern India. This brilliantly revealing portrait of the inner workings of the party—its ideological bedrock, organisational structure and economic outlook—is brimming with insights about India’s cultural contradictions, political alliances and searing religious tensions.’

About the Author

Professor Nalin Mehta is Dean, School of Modern Media, UPES; Advisor, Global University Systems; and Non- Resident Senior Fellow, Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore. He is an award-winning social scientist, journalist and author who has held senior leadership positions in major Indian media companies and in international financing institutions like the Global Fund in Geneva, Switzerland. He has taught and held research positions at universities and institutions in Australia (ANU, La Trobe University), Singapore (NUS), Switzerland (International Olympic Museum) and India (IIM Bangalore, Shiv Nadar University).

He was previously Executive Editor, The Times of India-Online, where he led a number of AI-led tech innovations to redefine digital media. He has also served as Managing Editor, India Today (English TV channel) and Consulting Editor, The Times of India. Mehta is the author of five bestselling and critically acclaimed books, including India on Television (winner of the Asian Publishing Award for Best Book on Asian Media, 2009), Behind a Billion Screens (longlisted as Business Book of the Year, Tata Literature Live, 2015), and most recently, Dreams of a Billion (2020, co-authored).

Best Review on The New BJP in 2022

New Delhi, Aug 26 (PTI) Westland Publications has acquired award-winning author-social scientist Nalin Mehta’s latest book, “The New BJP: Modi and the Making of the World”s Largest Political Party”, a statement by the publishing house said on Thursday.

To be released under Westland”s ”Non-Fiction” imprint in October, the book goes beyond “Hindutva politics” to explain how the BJP reshaped the Indian polity “using its own brand of social engineering cleverly using caste to build caste-based coalitions, even as it claimed to have built a new welfare state with vigorously publicised development programmes”.

“This is not a book about whether what the BJP stands for is right or wrong for India; or whether Hindu nationalism, as opposed to Hindu traditionalism, in a Hindu-majority democracy is good or bad. It is about why the BJP won, or did better than earlier, in more elections than it lost, or performed poorly in, since 2014,” said Mehta.

“.. This book sheds new light on the modes of political power in India, the mechanics of BJP’s election triumphs, the role of technology in politics, how the party won power nationally and what this portends for Indian politics,” he added.

Touted to be a “non-partisan, fact-based and critical documentation” of the BJP, the book claims to provide a fresh understanding of the party”s growth areas — the Northeast, women voters, and South India with the Karnataka model — and offers what it calls a “dispassionate account” of what is happening in India today.

“Nalin”s book is path-breaking in its application of data to the task of understanding exactly how the Indian democratic system functions. His fascinating research and insightful explanation of his findings enlivened by anecdotes and marvellous visual storytelling transforms our understanding of the ways in which power is sought to be achieved and retained. I feel privileged to be part of the process of bringing the book to readers around the world,” said Karthika VK, publisher, Westland Publications.

Mehta”s previously authored books include “India on Television” (winner of the Asian Publishing Award for Best Book on Asian Media, 2009), “Behind a Billion Screens” and the latest “Dreams of a Billion” (2020), co-authored with Boria Majumdar. PTI MG TRS

From the Publisher (Best Review on The New BJP in 2022)

future of political journalism in the country

Nalin’s work in this book re-establishes hope in future of political journalism in the country. For variety of reasons , some well known and some less known political journalism in India has been losing its bite and its objectivity. Nalin Combines deep data analysis, extensive research, wonderful ground reporting and balance perspective in a crisp text with attractive charts to show how to inform and engage people with political writing even in these polarised times. This book is must-read for anyone looking to look beyond the noise and understand modern India. It will appeal to diverse audiences; specialist as well as general;

Rohit Saran, Chief Editor, Times Internet

Best Review on The New BJP in 2022

empirical academic work

‘This is remarkably well-researched and thoughtfully constructed account of the rise of the BJP under Prime Minister Modi. It is a book that must be read by any political scientist interested in post-1991 India. Its use of textual and quantitative data is brilliant example of empirical academic work. It will greatly improve the discourse of India’s political economy.

Professor Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, Dean, Indian School of Public Policy; Visiting Professor, University of Gothenburg Sweden; Visiting Professor, University of Groningen , Netherlands

genesis of the Hindutva mind space

‘Nalin Mehta’s wonderful book on the BJP is a dispassionate inquiry into the genesis of the Hindutva mind space. Delineating complete arc from its foundation to its evolution to its dominance, this study shows immense depth in going beyond traditional paradigms to investigate the party’s edifice. It is fascinating exploration of the BJP using the microscope of modern-day technology, data analysis, interviews and archival work.This book is a political equivalent of what we in the statistical world would call “ Principal component Analysis”, boiling down a complex set of factors into clear, informed and robust explanations.

 Jai Mrug, Psephologist and Director, Voters Mood Research; CEO, M76 Analytics

evidence –based history

This is a rare book that balances data-driven commentary with a compelling narrative derived from scores of interviews. By using software to go through lakhs of documents, and by using his considerable energies to conduct dozens of interviews, Nalin has managed to make numbers interesting and to make stories substantial. The book is masterful, evidence –based history of how the world’s largest political party came to be. I look forward to the conversations this sparks, and the research avenues it opens up’

Rishabh Srivastava, CEO,’ Founder, Data

A gripping narrative

A gripping narrative that is built on fascinating foundation of academic rigour, insightful political observations and comprehensive data analysis. A must read for every student of Indian politics and history, irrespective of political allegiance or adherence. The data analysis and deep research may leave even experts stunned’.

T.M. Veeraraghav, Former resident editor, The Hindu, former Visiting professor, national Law School, Bengaluru.