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He Doesn’t REALLY Want the Perfect Woman

The best 10 review on Why Men Pull Away

He Wants These 3 Things from You Instead…

How much time do you spend trying to be the kind of woman you think men want?

If you’re like most women, it’s a LOT. You spend all this time making yourself look sexy and attractive.

All this time is presenting you as fun, attractive, worldly, and not needy in the slightest. You spend all this time showing just how good you’d be for him. How fantastic his future would be if he chose you as the woman by his side

And it doesn’t work. It never works. WHY? Why do you work so hard… And the guy in your life takes you for granted if he even notices you at all? It’s probably because he’s immature. He can’t recognize a good thing until it’s gone. Or maybe, it’s because you’ve been doing all the work for him.

If He Doesn’t Work for Your Relationship, He Won’t Value It

Fact (The best 10 review on Why Men Pull Away)

What men value most are those things they have to work hard to get.

Hand a man a college diploma, and he won’t value it as much as if he’d had to put in years of study and effort to earn it.

Hand a man the perfect girlfriend, and he won’t value her as much as if he’d had to woo her for weeks just to get her to go out with him. This is why playing hard to get works.

But, as you’ve probably already noticed…

There’s a BIG problem with playing hard to get. That strategy stops working once he’s actually got you.

Something happens when guys decide they’ve won you. It’s almost like they think, “Game over.” Their minds are already on their next challenge. What is going on?!

And how can you stop it from wrecking your relationship? (The best 10 review on Why Men Pull Away)

It’s Not Just You—ALL Women Experience This

(That’s Why They Ask for Help)

Many women give up on love. They never let themselves get too close to a man, for fear of scaring him off. But other women try a different approach. They get help. Relationship coach James Bauer is one of the people they turn to.

He noticed that many clients were coming to him, complaining about guys who were blowing hot and cold. Everything would be going great, and then it was like…

Something would change overnight.

A guy who’d been warm, affectionate and interested would suddenly become distant. He’d no longer have any time for her. He wouldn’t smile in greeting. He’d stop making eye contact. His kisses were brusque. Wanting to help his clients, James investigated.

And what he discovered made sense of everything. He knew why these men were backing away. He knew what they needed … and what they weren’t getting.

It didn’t come down to anything wrong with these women.

Rather, it all came down to something he called “The Hero Instinct.”

Most Women Do Something that Drives Men Away…Without Ever Realizing It (The best 10 review on Why Men Pull Away)

One of the most wonderful things about women is how naturally caring they are.

Look at you. You’re always there for your guy. You look after him. You always make time for him. You’d do anything for him.

You never realize that, in the process…

You’re actually taking something away from him. You’re taking away his purpose.

You see, he wants to be your hero. He doesn’t want you to be his hero.

Men love heroes. Look at how many grown men are still fascinated by Marvel comics and superhero movies.

Every man on Earth, from the time he was a boy, dreamed of growing up to be the kind of hero who would save the world—and get the girl at the same time.

Most men don’t get to indulge their world-saving side in their 9-5 jobs.

Circumstances don’t call for them to rip off their corporate ties and spring into action, revealing their superman side. Maybe they can’t save the world. But they can still get the girl.

Getting the girl is a worthy challenge for an ordinary guy with the heart of a superhero. It takes superhuman confidence. Superhuman charm. Superhuman immunity to pain. Now, all he needs to find is…

A girl who needs a hero. Do You Need a Hero? Let me guess… That’s not you.

You’re strong. You’re independent. You can fix a leaky faucet. You can drive a stick shift. You can take care of yourself. You’re never going to make that Jerry Maguire mistake of looking for a man to complete you.

Instead, you have a lot to offer a man. You’re generous. Kind. Loving. Giving to a fault. All you want is to find a man who’s willing to receive all you have to give.

And that’s why heroes aren’t showing up in your life. That’s why you’ve ended up with so many takers instead. Guys who take everything you have and leave you high and dry. If you want a hero, then you need to advertise for one. Here’s how.(The best 10 review on Why Men Pull Away)

3 Ways You Can Invite a Hero into Your Life, Starting Today

1. Ask a guy for help.

Ask him for advice on buying a new computer. Ask him to listen to that weird rattling sound that’s started up in your car. Ask him to reach something on the top shelf. Then thank him warmly, with a great big smile of appreciation. No, that doesn’t make you needy. It makes you a woman with space for a man in her life.

2. Take pleasure in male company.

Guys love women who appreciate men for just being men. So what if his apartment is a shrine to sports? So what if he spends hours on his fantasy football team? So what if his idea of a clean shirt is the one with the fewest wrinkles? He’s a guy. It’s okay. You don’t need him to be more like you, because you’ve got the feminine side of the gender equation covered.

3. Let him earn your respect.

Superheroes love challenges. They don’t want to be given a gold medal just for showing up. They don’t want your love handed to them on a plate. They want to earn it. There’s one thing they crave even more than a woman’s eternal enduring love: A challenge. So give him opportunities to prove himself. You don’t have to do the work of winning him over. Sit back, relax, and allow him the pleasure of winning your admiration.

The best 10 review on Why Men Pull Away

Why Men Pull Away

And how you can tap into his deep desire for commitment…

Maggie was confused. Rick had blown her away on their first two dates. No guy had ever worked so hard to impress her.

And impressed she was. He was attentive, respectful, gentle and engaged.

But then, just when she decided she’d fallen for him…poof. He withdrew.

Now their roles had reversed. Overnight, she was working to get his attention.

Why do men do that? Why do men shut women out?

Certainly, not every man pulls away when things start to heat up, but a lot of guys do.

Enough, in fact, that this is a common question among the women I work with as a dating and relationship coach.

Guys come on strong, pursuing with enough passion to make Romeo jealous, but when they win the attention of their Juliet, it’s game over.

What gives?

Look, dating’s a tough gig. Yes, it’s fun and exciting, but it’s also nerve-racking.

At first, it’s all about the chase. He’s trying to get your attention, and you’re deciding whether or not he’s worth it.

That’s the time in any dating relationship when both people are so wrapped up in the pursuit that they’re hardly giving any thought to what will come next.

And then, the pursuit changes

You decide you’re into the guy, and he, having won your attention, has to begin the process of considering an actual, serious relationship. Does he want one?

More than likely he does, or he wouldn’t have been chasing you!

But, wanting it and being fearless enough to really go after it are two different things.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, first I’ll tell you what you should NOT do.

Avoid These Two Common Mistakes

First, don’t assume it’s about you. It almost certainly isn’t. He was into you before you decided you were into him. He’s still into you, now.

Second, don’t pressure him. This is where a lot of the advice columns get it wrong. They often say you should play “hard to get” or some version of it.

Instead, let him know you’re interested in him.

Do it in ways that don’t smother or push. (Text messages every hour, on the hour, for example, might be over-doing it.)

Why do men pull away and shut women out at this phase of a relationship? Because he’s a little nervous. He’s nervous about giving up the freedom of choice.

Don’t change, be the woman he fell in love with

During the pursuit phase, it’s desire that motivates him. As soon as he realizes this could be something real, his motivation shifts.

Suddenly he’s thinking about the many options he will give up, and the lifestyle changes he’s committing to.

(A lot of guys have an irrational fear that all their activities will all become feminized if they commit to a woman.)

When he’s acting this way, you don’t have to change what you’re doing. When he acts distant, your best bet is to appear calm and comfortable.

Be the woman he fell in love with (carefree, confident, and available).

Don’t freak out—that’ll freak him out. Don’t demand his attention—that’ll send him running. And don’t launch into a panic that he’s seen some fatal flaw in you.

Because that thought process will put you in a negative frame of mind, and that’s anything but attractive.

Always Assume The Best

He pursued you for the first few dates, hoping you’d decide you were into him. He’s gone out on a limb before.

Now it’s your turn. Give him enough space to feel comfortable while still letting him know you’re interested.

Any guy who truly wants a mature, real relationship will come around as soon as he sees there’s nothing there to be afraid of.

And any guy who’s not ready for a real relationship wasn’t the catch you thought he was, anyway!

Now, before you settle into “waiting mode,” I’d like to share a shortcut that can pull him back and rekindle his passionate pursuit at lightening speed.

There’s nothing wrong with being patient, but if you want to pour a little miracle grow on your relationship, here’s what I recommend you do next…

When He Shuts You Out, Try This

Survey research shows men would rather be respected than loved. It’s wired into our DNA.

We feel an irrational need to earn your respect as an avenue to becoming worthy of your love.

Now look, as a male dating coach working primarily with women, I know how crazy this must sound to you. But it’s true.

It’s one of the few “secrets” that really can give you an unfair advantage with men.

Here’s how this knowledge can help.

If you channel a man’s deep desire to earn your respect in the right ways, he will bend over backward for you.

And the more he does this, the easier it becomes for him to see himself in a long-term committed relationship with you.

And his favorite way to earn your respect?

He wants to be heroic. He wants to solve problems for you, come to your aid, and prove himself useful.

It’s not very romantic, but it’s woven into the fabric of his DNA.

And that’s why I’ve put together a video explaining this phenomenon further so you can tap into his hero instinct anytime you want, even if he’s currently asking for space.

If that sounds like fun to you. It’s something you can learn once, but then use for the rest of your life.

Click here to watch the Video Persentation

Why Men Pull Away 

About This Book

Have you ever wondered why men pull away? And more importantly, have you ever wondered why men pull away when the relationship seems to be going so well? Unless he is a bit of a ******** then it shouldn’t be a problem. It will sound a wee bit daft, but then unless you can understand the reason, it can feel like your life has just flipped upside down.

Has it happened to you? One moment everything is going fine, you’re happy, he seems to be happy, you might even be wondering if he’s the one. And then BANG, he suddenly discovers the need to go off and find himself. That leaves you wondering just what’s happened? You feel hurt, confused, angry, you’re not even sure if you still have a relationship, and you need answers!

The weird, crazy, inexplicably bizarre thing is that just because he’s pulled away it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care for you, or that he doesn’t worship the ground that you walk on. It’s just that he finds certain things threatening and so he needs to run away to try to understand everything.

If your man is the one for you then you need to learn to understand him. You need to learn what motivates him and what scares him. Once you understand him you should be able to create a relationship where he doesn’t feel threatened. If he doesn’t feel threatened then he will be less likely to pull away which should result in the two of you having more time to develop your relationship.

This book will set on the path to understanding your man and hopefully building a long and happy future together. Good Luck.