In this post on The Best Review on Chronic Disease Reversal 22, I will review and suggest the best cures for reversing chronic issues like arthritis, Insomnia, Migraine and Headache, Menopause, Hypothyroidism and Neuropathy. It is possible to reverse these diseases by making the appropriate changes in lifestyle and following the guidelines provided in the treatment explained hereafter. 

The therapy for chronic disease reversal is gaining popularity in the US. As per the study, it has been revealed that most of the patient’s lifestyle is the leading cause of chronic disease.

It is the best time to start making the changes now if you deal with the condition that can lead to chronic disease.

Healing Arthritis in 3 simple steps (The Best Review on Chronic Disease Reversal 22)

The Best Review on Chronic Disease Reversal 22

Imagine for a moment your arthritis completely vanishing right now.
If, in a moment, your pain and stiffness melted away. And your joints all of a sudden functioned like a well-oiled machine.
Like a magic wand was waived, you’d be able to jump up from your chair and run around the room like a kid.
And imagine that you’d never have to suffer as much as a pinch of arthritis stiffness or pain ever again.
This is not a fantasy. Thousands of people have permanently healed their arthritis.

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Discover Ways To End Your Insomnia Completely!

Do you spend sleepless nights staring at the ceiling?
Do you start every day feeling exhausted, and zombie-like?

Pills may help you sleep, but they leave you slumberous and unfocused during the day. And the side effects scare the life out of you.
You are left to struggle with insomnia all alone. Feeling powerless over your own body and mind.

Luckily, there is now a natural cure for that, one that requires no pills (herbal or medical).
Right now you are reading the most important letter of your life!
I want to introduce to you a unique, new method that puts YOU back in control of YOUR own sleep!
It works for 9 out of 10 insomnia suffers more effectively than sleeping pills.
Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about side effects, lifestyle changes or useless gimmicks!
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This method I’m about to share with you has been proven in scientific studies and then perfected by the natural health researchers at Blue Heron Health News

Thousands of people using this system have finally ended their insomnia returned to their normal, healthy sleep cycle.
You’ll fall fast asleep anytime and anywhere YOU want to – in less than 25 minutes – without pills or medications. And stay asleep all night.
There is NO practice required. Just effortlessly listen and following along to simple ground-breaking audio.
It worked great for me and many others! It will definitely work for you as well.
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Eliminating Migraines and Headaches Forever

It’s sad to think about how many beautiful, happy days your migraines and headaches have ruined, isn’t it?
And even if painkillers worked somewhat in the past, stronger and stronger doses are delivering less and less results, aren’t they?
Plus the pain always returns with enhanced force within days or weeks at best, doesn’t it?
The reason why medications and other migraine and headache methods don’t work in the long run is actually quite simple:
They don’t tackle the underlying cause of migraines and headaches – only mask the tormenting symptoms.

But when you understand what really causes your attacks in the first place, it’s surprisingly easy to eliminate them forever.
All you need are a few, simple precautionary steps.

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How I stopped my menopause symptoms overnight

The Best Review on Chronic Disease Reversal 22

It can make you dizzy, bloated, hot, and cranky.
It comes and goes like the tide…striking your helpless body when you least expect it.
And no matter what you’ve tried to do to stop it, nothing has worked for you.
It’s the frustrating symptoms of menopause and the worst part of the process that it defines who you are as a woman.
…but not anymore!
Because I learned how to eliminate all menopause symptoms by changing just a few little habits.
And it happened almost overnight.
Best of all, you can do the same… starting right now.
Here is my story and how I did it. Please let me know how it worked for you.

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The hypothyroidism LIE – it’s not a permanent disease

The Best Review on Chronic Disease Reversal 22

Some years ago when I was originally diagnosed with hypothyroidism my doctor told me that there was no cure for the disease.

He told me I would have to take drugs to control it for the rest of my life.
But given that I completely got rid of my hypothyroidism symptoms just over 18 months ago – and they haven’t come back since.

you’ll understand that I’ve lost quite a bit of faith in my doctor!
Because it turns out there’s a root cause for hypothyroidism.
And now there’s a cure for that root cause – a cure that’s been enjoyed by thousands of people around the world.
I’m one of them.
You can be one of them too.
No more fatigue, no more depression, no more aching limbs, skin blemishes… and no more meds or visits to the doctor.
Read about this hypothyroidism solution here – you’ll be so glad you did…

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The end of neuropathy! The cure has been found

The Best Review on Chronic Disease Reversal 22

I suffered neuropathy for more years than I care to remember. It got worse over time so that, in the end, I had to give up work.
My biggest fear was the complications that neuropathy leads to. Heart disease, blood pressure problems, the amputation of limbs…. there’s a long and scary list.
Doctors do their best but they rely on standard drugs – and they stop working after a while.

But that’s okay. I got rid of my neuropathy the easy way.
That was 3 years ago. Every symptom has gone – I haven’t felt this good for years!.
Now that neuropathy can be cured you can wave goodbye to this illness – forever. It’s simple and it takes just days.
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Disease Reversal Hope!: Real People. Real Stories

About this Book

Disease Reversal Hope! Real People. Real Stories, is a collection of thirty six gripping and inspirational stories from people who discovered that a whole food, plant-based lifestyle reversed their chronic diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, lupus, kidney disease, depression and many other diseases.

Some were told they only had a few months to live, others were told they would be in a wheelchair in their 50s, and most were told they would have to depend on medications for the rest of their lives. They all discovered the power of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, reversed their diseases, and now are living vibrant, active lives. Instead of a debilitating life in a wheelchair, they ran marathons. Instead of suffering and worsening over time, they are all living and thriving today.

Their stories describe how they suffered with their diseases, reached the bottom of hopelessness, and discovered the regenerative power of whole plant foods, restoring health and vitality back into their lives. Reading these stories, you will cry, you will laugh, and you will learn. You will find renewed hope!

Being Empowered for a Healthy Heart: A personal guide to taking control of your health while living with chronic conditions

About this Book

Living with a chronic illness can feel like a constant battle. Conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, COPD, and depression not only require vigilant management, but they can negatively affect your day-to-day functioning and deprive you of the quality of life you deserve.

★ This guide is designed to equip you with the tools you need to overcome the symptoms of pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, anxiety, and stress while effectively managing and reversing the diseases that cause them. By encouraging you to create personal healthy living goals and then providing valuable tools to help you achieve them, this guide will give you the confidence you need to take control of your health.

★ Become empowered in the self-management of your chronic conditions, with each chapter containing practical exercises and personal health trackers to help you better monitor and manage your symptoms and conditions.

★ Be inspired and revitalized as Dr. Chi takes you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through a combination of essential health information and original poetry —a unique fusion that will both strengthen the body and touch the soul.


  • Heart Health Log to track daily vitals, body weight, and symptoms
  • ◆Blood Pressure Log
  • ◆Salt (Sodium) Tracker
  • ◆Diabetes Meal Planner
  • ◆Stress Journal
  • ◆Exercise & Physical Activity Log
  • ◆Action Planning (Goal-Setting) Log
  • ◆Appointment Notes to help you prepare for your next health care visit


  •  Getting the most out of your healthcare visits
  • ✔ Health goal-setting for success
  • ✔ Managing medications
  • ✔ Heart-healthy eating
  • ✔ Exercising with heart conditions
  • ✔ Angina (chest pain)
  • ✔ High blood pressure
  • ✔ Type 2 Diabetes
  • ✔ Heart failure
  • ✔ Chronic pain
  • ✔ COPD/Asthma
  • ✔ Stress management
  • ✔ Heartburn
  • ✔ Insomnia and sleeping problems
  • ✔ Depression and anxiety
  • ✔ Tobacco and smoking cessation
  • ✔ Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

LEARN the FACTS ABOUT KIDNEY DISEASE: A Self-Help Guide to Better Kidney Health With Proven Therapies

About this Book

This book written for the average reader, offers useful information for patients with very mild CKD to those patients who need to plan for dialysis or kidney transplant. It offers scientifically proven ways to slow progression of CKD, including a chapter on a Smart Diet for all CKD patients. This diet not only can slow CKD progression but can also help patients to live longer and better. It offers the best treatments for the medical problems that can come with a diagnosis of CKD.

For most patients this book will alleviate concerns about having CKD and for some patients with advanced CKD it offers an approach that can delay the start of dialysis for many months or even years in some cases. It explains why low and very low protein diets, promoted by many kidney books for patients, is usually not beneficial and may even be harmful.

It provides the latest recommendations for treatment of CKD that comes from international kidney doctor organizations. The book is organized in a way that provides information for all patients with CKD in the first part of the book and has information in later chapters for patients whose CKD has progressed. For those patients who want to get the “meat” of the book, the final chapter provides a summary of all the book’s material.

Some patients may want to start here and read the full chapters at their leisure. The book is referenced with current kidney disease publications. It explains situations where kidney disease is reversible and ways to prevent reversible declines in kidney function. It dispels many myths about CKD treatment that have no benefit and, in some cases, may be dangerous.

For patients who are wondering about whether dialysis is in their future, the book offers several ways to predict if dialysis is very likely or very unlikely in a CKD patient’s future. It lays out pros and cons of the various options for patients who are considering a kidney transplant or dialysis and explains why getting a kidney transplant before dialysis is ever started or choosing home peritoneal dialysis are the two best options for most CKD patients who require a kidney replacement therapy.

Eat for Life: The Breakthrough Nutrient-Rich Program for Longevity, Disease Reversal, and Sustained Weight Loss

How to stay healthy and boost immunity with #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s no-nonsense, results-driven nutrition plan.

As a family physician for over 30 years and #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Fuhrman, M.D. will tell you that doctors and medications cannot grant you excellent health or protection from disease and suffering. The most effective health-care is proper self-care and that starts with changing the way we eat.

Eat for Life delivers a science-backed nutrition-based program that prevents and even reverses most medical problems within three to six months. This is a bold claim but the science and the tens of thousands who have tried this approach back it up.

The truth is: you simply do not have to be sick.

Most Americans are deficient in the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients found in plants (micronutrients), and consume too many fats, proteins, carbohydrates (macronutrients). The results of this standard diet is that we are not only shortening our lives but damaging our energy, vitality, and daily health by eating packaged and processed foods, excessive meat and dairy, and unsustainable amounts of salt and sugar. What we need is to consume foods rich in phytonutrients such as greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds. These delicious and abundant foods contain the largest assortment of micronutrients and when consumed in adequate quantities they prevent and reverse diabetes and heart-disease, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce hunger and food cravings.

Rooted in the latest nutritional science and complete with recipes, menu plans, and testimonials, Eat for Life offers everything you need to change the course of your health and put this life-changing program to work for you. 

Hashimoto’s Protocol: A 90-Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back

About this Book

Dr. Izabella Wentz, the author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, returns with a long-awaited, groundbreaking prescription to reverse the symptoms of this serious autoimmune condition that is becoming one of the country’s fastest growing diseases.

More than thirty-five million Americans currently suffer from Hashimoto’s—an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland and causes the body to attack its own cells. To alleviate the symptoms of this debilitating condition—including chronic cough, acid reflux, IBS, allergies, chronic pain, hair loss, brain fog, and forgetfulness—patients are often prescribed synthetic hormones that have numerous life-altering side effects.

But there is a better way.

Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s at twenty-seven, pharmacist Dr. Izabella Wentz knows first-hand the effects of the disease, as well as the value—and limitations—of medication. The key to improved health, she argues, involves lifestyle interventions. In Hashimoto’s Protocol, she outlines a proven treatment that has helped thousands heal and many others feel better—in as fast as ninety days.

Drawing on her own personal experience as well as her work consulting with thousands of patients, Hashimoto’s Protocol offers a practical pathway for healing and reversing the autoimmune damage at the root of the disease. The first step is a quick-start two-week detox that includes foods to eat and inflammatory foods to avoid, advice on supplements to support the liver, and an adrenal recovery plan. Next, readers create a personalized plan with foods, supplements, and other lifestyle interventions tailored to their body’s own unique Hashimoto’s triggers, which they can identify using self-tests included in the book. Hashimoto’s Protocol also features original recipes.

Grounded in the latest science, Hashimoto’s Protocol is the first book to offer a proven protocol by an acknowledged expert in the field to treat this condition and help sufferers reclaim their lives.