This book on ‘The best review on Stories I Must Tell in 22’ is the unusually candid and compelling memoir of a man who holds nothing back in love or storytelling. It is the story of a middle-class boy from Delhi whose career now spans the globe. Equally, it is the tale of how he survived the roller-coaster journey of the making, unmaking, and remaking of him as a person. Stories I Must Tell is the best book on The Emotional Life of an Actor Kabir Bedi.

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Kabir Bedi, an international star and a man—like all men—with strengths and frailties.

As Kabir bares his soul, the stories come tumbling out. That first magical encounter with the Beatles as a student in Delhi. The sudden move to Bombay, away from home, friends and college. His exciting years in advertising, his extraordinarily successful career abroad and his many painful setbacks. His relationships with the irrepressible Protima Bedi and the dazzling Parveen Babi that changed the course of his life. Of the scars they left, and the trauma of three divorces, and how he finally found fulfilment. And why his beliefs have changed.

These are tumultuous stories set in Hollywood, Bollywood and Europe. The joys of blazing new trails abroad, and the dangers of them. He also tells the fascinating love story of his Indian father, a philosopher in Europe, and his British-born mother, the world’s highest-ranked Buddhist nun. And most poignant of all, the battle to save his schizophrenic son.

Stories I Must Tell is the unusually candid and compelling memoir of a man who holds nothing back, in love or in storytelling. It is the story of a middle-class boy from Delhi whose career now spans the globe. Equally, it is the tale of how he survived the roller-coaster journey of the making, unmaking and remaking of him as a person.

The best review on Stories I Must Tell in 22

The best review on Stories I Must Tell in 22

About Kabir Bedi (The best review on Stories I Must Tell in 22)

Kabir Bedi’s Bollywood and Hollywood career

Kabir Bedi is known worldwide for his roles in The Bold and the Beautiful, the James Bond film Octopussy, his European series Sandokan, and his Bollywood blockbuster Khoon Bhari Maang. He has done many fil ms and television series in Bollywood, Europe and Hollywood.

His credits include starring with Michael Caine in Ashanti and Roddy McDowall in Thief of Baghdad, and playing the title role in the Italian film The Black Pirate (Il Corsaro Nero). On American television, he has acted in Highlander, Murder She Wrote, Magnum, P.I. , Dynasty and many HBO mini-series. On stage, he starred in John Murrell’s Taj at the Luminato Festival in Canada, and M.M. Kaye’s The Far Pavilions in London’s West End. In India, he has done close to seventy Bollywood films, famously starring with Rekha in Khoon Bhari Maang.

Kabir is known for his philanthropic and social causes. He is the Honorary Brand Ambassador of SightSavers India, which gives sight to the visually challenged, and of Care & Share Italia, which educates and looks after street children, from school to university, in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Kabir lives with his wife Parveen Dusanj, a producer, in Juhu, Mumbai. He is writing his next book, continues to act and is a commentator on television. He voices ad films and documentaries, and travels regularly to his three favourite cities, Rome, London and Los Angeles. For Kabir, all the world’s a stage.

The best review on Stories I Must Tell in 22

Product description

The best review on Stories I Must Tell in 22

‘Thoughtful, brave, full of insights about life… and utterly honest, Kabir Bedi’s memoir is unlike anything you would expect from a Bollywood personality. But then Bedi, who has worked in Hollywood and continues to be wildly famous in Italy, has always been different from the other stars of his generation. Page after page bristling with sparkling stories from the vastness and scope of an extraordinary life. From his experiences as a child monk in Burma, to encounters with Gina Lollobrigida and Fellini, Krishnamurthy, Audrey Hepburn and Lady Diana, Kabir has written with a rare honesty, courage and sensitivity, not usually associated with those in showbiz.’– Hindustan Times

‘Bedi peppers his stories with cogent quotes from… letters and works, quotes which enlighten, explain, expose, expand on and emotionally impact on the reader.’ – The Wire

‘The stories of Bedi’s trail-blazing escapades as an actor alone make the book a must read. What makes it fascinating are the insights Bedi offers into himself and people around him. He writes candidly and often searchingly and poignantly.’– The Week

‘Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Journey Of An Actor reads like a romcom, an action movie, a documentary and a tragedy, all melting into the narrative arc of the life of an actor. A fast-paced book that is packed with life choices and lessons, ups and downs, details and revelations.’ –The Hindu

‘A pulsating heart, a thinking mind, a contemplative soul and above all, a raconteur. The beauty is how Kabir weaves it all together in a language that has the felicity of a writer and eloquence of a storyteller. Reflecting upon one man’s journey, it illumines life in its entirety and complexity.’ – The Tribune

‘Honest, scathing, and laden with one fascinating anecdote after another, Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Life of an Actor is everything that you expect from a good biography and beyond.’ – The Quint

‘Kabir Bedi, an icon of Indian entertainment and the original crossover star, has been an important part of the GQ India story. We heartily recommend this evocative memoir to readers everywhere, a thoughtful account of an extraordinary life, presented at its most candid and cathartic’- GQ India

‘Without a doubt Kabir Bedi’s autobiography is the uncontested champ of the film star memoirs.’ – The Daily Guardian

UNPUTDOWNABLE review by Dolly Thakore

READING KABIR BEDI’S STORIES I MUST TELL was reliving my youth. It was spiritually and religiously unputdownable. It is written with so much honesty that it even surprised me
In that one year in Delhi, we met the same people. Who later became Ambassadors and Ministers – even Prime Minster! Went for our ALL INDIA RADIO audition together. Our ambitions were similar – Elocution, Broadcasting, Theatre. And Kabir hasn’t forgotten any of his fellow travelers along that journey –
And we formed a bond that endures even today.

His book brings to life his emotional life some of us have been familiar with — and even a part of – the infamous, envious Juhu Gang of the Seventies!
But there is a large chunk that grips you till the end. His SANDOKAN journey and his rise to international fame; his disappointments in Hollywood, his emotional turmoil in relationships. But it is his courage and acceptance of every high and low – financial and personal – that should bring hope to readers. I respect him so much more today.

Incredible life story – Reena NeGandhi

What an incredible story. Kabir is my friend but I learned so much more about him. I found the story of his parents the most interesting. The story of his son Siddarth hit my heart as my father also committed suicide due to depression.

So proud of Kabir for getting to write his book and completing a goal he had. I’m not an avid reader but I had to read his book and finished it within two days. I would have liked to hear more about his love story with his wife Parveen but he made that story short and sweet. What a life journey he has had!!!

Meet The real Kabir Bedi

The book tells stories from an extraordinarily rich life, lived from the heart. Kabir ji is a multi-faceted, multi-talented human being, and has much wisdom to share with the world. Did you know:
* Kabir ji is a 17th generation direct descendent of Guru Nanak Dev?
* Both his parents were extraordinary spiritual healers/teachers?
* Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi were his childhood friends?
* He single-handedly wangled an interview with the Beatles during their trip to India in the 60s, when he was an unknown face working for All India Radio?
* Kabir Bedi has been awarded the highest civilian honour of Italy?

These, and many more interesting facets of his life are revealed in the book. Despite all his great achievements in the material world, it is his kind-heartedness and humane side that impresses above everything else. In this book, he has been completed open-hearted and vulnerable, talking about his joys and sorrows, his achievements and disappointments, his struggles, failures, successes, absolutely everything – with remarkable candour and humility.

One chapter in the book called “Ramblings on the Beach”, is an article that he wrote about his thoughts when walking on the beach one day at the young age of 29. That one chapter itself is worth paying 10 times the price of the book. It shows the deep and complex personality, the compassionate soul, and the depth of thinking of this man. All the years and life experiences since then have only made him better and better, as you will find out from the book.

International Movie Star (The best review on Stories I Must Tell in 22)

Kabir Bedi is known as an Indian and International movie star. But behind that dynamic image and artistic talent is a unique journey of hard work, persistence, belief, goodness, heartbreak, disappointment, success, devastation and a sense of awareness that spans many realms!

This endearing autobiography adds one more feather to his cap – that of a brilliant writer and master storyteller! The book is unputdownable to say the least, and his engaging way with words keeps one immersed from the word go! These enthralling stories take the reader through various countries and a myriad of emotions which keeps one rivetted till the very end!

The only other celebrity autobiography that has captivated my senses to this extent is the one by Marlon Brando. Kabir Bedi’s book is one of those rare gems that has found its place on my bookshelf! Pure gold

First Indian actors to have made a mark in the Western entertainment industry.

Kabir Bedi – One of the first Indian actors to have made a mark in the Western entertainment industry. The title “Stories I must tell” seemed unusual at first, but, once you get through the book chapter by chapter, it starts making more and more sense. There are Stories about his life that he chose to tell, starting as an Interviewer for All India Radio to his days and ventures in the Western world. Along the way, there are parts of his personal life, falling in and out of love while living his life as a star.

The part about losing his son is particularly sad, knowing that he is putting in all the work to save him, but depression eventually got the better of him. Overall, it’s a journey of a man who has lived quite an eventful life. I ended up turning the pages of the book with a bit of curiosity, the stories that he chose to tell are certainly ones you’d like to read.

Credit-Bedanta Bikash Baruah

Autobiography of a sauve actor

The book is an autobiography of a sauve actor who ages like a fine-wine. The book describes the journey of the author, from being a middle-class part-time journalist in Delhi to being the cynosure of all the paparazzi wherever he went across Italy. Before I began reading the book, I got hooked to its cover. Mr Bedi’s eyes do a lot of talking, though in person he is a laconic man & as I began reading, I was engulfed into his elegant writing style.

Every single element of this book makes it unique read. Mr. Bedi has done a marvellous job in his debut book. Being such a huge celebrity it is definitely not an easy task to put forward one’s deepest and darkest secrets in front of the whole world, but he did it with such fluency that I was awed by his frivolity and could deeply connect with him.

The best thing about this book or rather Mr.Bedi’s life journey is that no matter how many hardships, criticism or failed relationships he faced, he never lost his faith in love & proved that age is just a number. He never got carried away by his success, stood rooted to his grounds & that is what makes him a unique person.

There is so much more to talk about this book but I guess right now it’s enough. A must must read guys. Even I am going to give it another rate. You will be thrilled and stunned after reading this one.

Credit- Shubhi Tripathi